A Year of Writing

In 2013, a main focus of mine was to improve my writing skills and provide high quality content to sport scientists, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts around the world. I’d like to thank every website and their respective owners for giving me a platform to share all of this content. I would also like to thank anyone who has ever read or shared any of this content. It is truly appreciated.

These aren’t in any type of order. They are just listed by website. Please feel free to pass along any or all of these blogs and articles to friends, family members, co-workers, etc. that may have interest.

Here’s everything I’ve written in 2013:

EliteTrack.com (Track & Field / Sport Performance)

Motivating Athletes to Perform

Developing an Effective Taper

Learning from a Luxury Car

Training Simplification

Sprint Drill Sergeant

Sudden Cardiac Deaths in Sports

Post Season & the Overshoot Phenomenon

Too Much Flexibility Training

Open Communication

A Misconception of the Arm Swing

More Lessons from a Commercial Gym

Building a Base

So, You Really Want Those Washboard Abs…

Training with Injuries

Simulation vs. Specificity

The Performance Menu (Sport Performance / Olympic Weightlifting)

Tapering for Competition (sorry, you have to buy the article to view… everything else is free content. I promise)

AthelticLab.com (Sport Performance)

Why we don’t do max height box jumps

4 Tips for a Bigger Power Clean

Why we don’t do high rep deadlifts

5 Reasons Why Athletes Should Squat Deep

Flop Burpees?

Competition Season: Durham Indoor Rowing Trials

Competition Season: The Krispy Kreme Challenge 

Power Application in Trianing

4 Exercises to Improve Snatch Technique

Build a Better Front Rack Position

FitForFutbol.com (Soccer Fitness)

Nordic Hamstring Lowers – A Magic Pill ?

Effects of Extended Rest & Cold Temperatures on Performance 

Benefit of In-Season Heavy Resistance Training

Upright Sprint Mechanics in Soccer

David Billows on Performance

Should We Look at Total Distance Covered

Thoughts on Ramadan & Intermittent Fasting

Missouri State Men’s Soccer Training Video

Is RPE A Valid Measure?

Training the Anaerobic Glycolytic System

Periodization of Small-Sided Games & It’s Effect on Performance 

Hamstring Injury Reduction

Top-End Speed for Soccer Players

Arsenal Ladies in the Weight Room

Evolution of the Game From 1966-2010

Sleep & It’s Role in Performance 

FC Bayurn Speed Session

Body Composition on Athletic Performance

Arsenal Strength Training

Designing an Effective Training Program Part One: Analyzing Demands

Designing an Effective Training Program Part Two: Positional Breakdown

Designing an Effective Training Program Part Three: Analyzing Qualities

Designing an Effective Training Program Part Four: Understanding Common Injuries

Soccer Technology on the Rise

Arsenal Warmup Video

The need to look at multiple variables

Physical Demands on the Pitch

Fitness Profiling of Elite Soccer Players

In-Game Recovery Methods

TheStrengthAgenda.com (Olympic Weightlifting / Sport Performance)

More Squat Variations

Implications of Training Both Endurance & Strength

3 Things to Consider Before Changing Weight Classes

Developing Power with the Olympic Lifts

Overhead Strength for Your Lifts

BretContreras.com (Sport Performance / Fitness)

Reducing Injuries in Athletics

How Much is too Much

Developing Power in the Weightroom


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